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Minsk Arena sports complex, Belarus. PALAMI multimedia system

PALAMI Group developed, manufactured and installed a unique multimedia system for information display at a pilot arena of Belarus sports MKSK Minsk Arena.

This video information complex embodies the most recent developments of the company in the area of light diode systems of information display. The entire huge experience acquired by the experts of PALAMI over the long years was applied for the design, manufacturing and installation of the system. It is based on the most advanced and upfront technologies which entitles the light-emitting diode system of Minsk Arena to be considered one of the best in Europe.

The video information complex of MKSK Minsk Arena includes a full colour octahedral media cube, two full colour side information boards, round full colour running line under the media cube and a full colour light-emitting diode advertising line along the viewing stand around the perimeter of the main arena.

Eight sided media cube installed under the main arena, represents a unique design comprising eight independent full colour screens Palami-RGB-SMD-10 Outdoor, which are used for the display of the sports information from the referee systems, direct broadcast of the competition, video repetitions of the most exciting competition flashes, advertising clips, direct broadcast from mobile TV stations, any text information messages etc.

The screen control system enables the display of different images on each screen and the same image on all eight screens. Normally four screens are used for the display of the referee information and the remaining four screens are used for the video.

Side information boards (LED screens) of the main arena represent full colour light-emitting diode screens Palami-RGB-SMD-20 Outdoor. They are designated for the display of the referee information. If required, each of them may also be used for the display of full colour video images.

Round full colour running line  installed under the media cube is made according to the unique PALAMI design which is flexible light-emitting diode module Palami-SMD-Flexible-20.

The module has a special design which enables its bending in two directions creating a screen of convex and concave form.

The line represents a screen of the proper cylindrical form with regular convex display surface and complete absence of angles and clearances between the modules.

The control system enables logical breaking of the line into separate segments of any size and displaying similar information, as well as displaying the information on the entire line.

Full colour light-emitting diode advertising line (advertisement line) along the perimeter of the stands of the main arena is a complete repetition of the round stand shape, has no angles or clearances between the modules.

The line represents a continuous screen of more than 300 meters.

The line modules have a special unique design which provides for the front maintenance access.