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Lida, Belarus. PALAMI-DoublePoster-LED

Outdoor led poster

PALAMI Group started the production of a new type of light-emitting diode advertising system referred to as video constriction Palami-DoublePoster-LED. Palami-DoublePoster-LED is a unique product of the company without any analogous systems in the world, which at the same time is the means of the outdoors advertising and a modern lighting installation of a new generation city.

Key advantages:
Possibility of displaying advertising clips with computer graphics, animation and video, displaying textual information and advertising messages with various effects.
Possibility of operative control of displaying video clips and messages for constriction in both, the manual and the automatic mode.
Possibility of local or remote control (Wi-Fi, GSM, Internet etc.). Flexible possibilities for simultaneous creation and control of the constriction network.
Display of more than 16.7 million of colours.
Daytime and night-time operation.

Light weight enabling the installation of the video constriction between standard lighting pillars instead of customary constrictions.
Low windage and wind loads due to the “transparent” design.
Modular design enabling the development of various length constrictions.
Double-sided or single-sided design.
High level dust and moisture resistance IP65.

The first pilot project for this kind of installation was implemented in the city of Lida (Bealrus). A double-sided 12 m long video constriction was installed which enables the display of advertisements and social video clips, holiday greetings, any text messages in the form of computer graphics and animation.