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Czizhovka Arena sports complex, Minsk, Belarus. PALAMI multimedia system

PALAMI Group developed, manufactured and installed a multimedia system for the information provision at one of the ice arenas MKSRK Czizhovka Arena (Minsk), which will be used for the Hockey World Championship of 2014.
The system includes a media cube of four full colour light-emitting diode screens Palami-RGB-SMD-8 Outdoor of high resolution and two full colour ring lines over and under the media cube, an advertising street screen Palami-RGB-SMD-12.5 Outdoor, a full colour advertising perimeter of the stands Palami-PerimeterSlim-SMD-20 Outdoor, an advertising complex of the referee equipment according to several sports, including hockey, as well as the advanced system for the video content control based on the video server Catalyst.
The installed system includes the most advanced solutions in the area of equipping the sports grounds. The majority are unique. For example, the advertising perimeter of the stands is made of light thin modules with the articulated system of inter-modular fastenings which provide for complete repetition by the screen of the rounded form of the arena stands. In addition, the perimeter modules have a very light weight and are very thin which considerably simplifies and reduces the price for the installation and maintenance. The screens used for the media cube have the pixel step of 8 mm, which makes it one of the best in Europe. The ring lines of the media cube are made of the flexible light-emitting diode mesh Palami-SMD-FlexiStrip with the pixel step of 18 mm. Due to the flexible design the lines have a regularly rounded surface without visible joints and edges. The application of the media server Catalyst which enables simultaneous operation of 32 layers of the image provides for incredible possibilities of video content display covering all multimedia system elements.