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The Launch of a New Screen in Riga, Capital of Latvia

For advertisers, places with a lot of traffic jam opens up an opportunity for more effective advertising, because people are forced to view the advertising for longer period of time. This is a case for one of the biggest advertising agencies in Latvia - Visual Media Group, which has carried out a new project in cooperation with PALAMI to set up a screen that ensure advertising space for commercials.

Under the agreement with PALAMI a new project has been carried out in the capital of Latvia. A new screen has been mounted on a building wall in Kalnciema street. The place for the new screen has been strategically selected. The Kalnciema street is the continuing street of one of the biggest bridges across river Daugava turning it in a very often selected way from Riga center to the Riga airport. The bridge Vansu has very high traffic, and especially in busy hours, it is a place where a lot of traffic jams are experienced every day. The estimated number of views per day is approx. 20 000.

This is a special event for PALAMI as well ,as this is a first project in Latvia where the screen is on continious operation. The screen name is PALAMI-FRONT, which is a newly developed product by PALAMI. The new screen is 20m2 large, and as the product name itself tells it has a front maintenance, which is perfect feature for screens that are mounted on a building wall. The screen has 8 mm physical pixel pitch what means the screen has very high resolution and image quality, as well it can be clearly viewed and perceived from even 8 meters distance.

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