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PALAMI Sports Screens for Arena Riga multifunctional venue in Latvia

We’re very pleased to announce that the biggest multi purpose arena of Latvia Arena Riga is now decorated with PALAMI-FlexPERIMETER-11 longer than 200 meters and two PALAMI-Slim-6 scoreboards are installed as well on both sides of the arena. The both screens have SMD LED technology, they both are lightweight and very easy to install and are made in full compliance with European directives and the rules of International Sports Federations of corresponding kinds of sports.

The advertisement perimeter FlexPERIMETER has outdoor application as it is placed relatively close to the active area. It has no angles or clearances between the modules also with a curved surface and a surprising brightness of 8000 nits – for highly visible and striking ads of sponsors!

Both PALAMI-Slim scoreboards are designed for multi sports high level competition, displaying various types of information needed for every type of sports. It can display any content - images, the live stream and replays as well.

PALAMI-FlexPERIMETER has proved itself already in ice hockey tournament in Arena Riga while the Euro Hockey Challenge with national teams of Latvia and Russia on April 1st and 2nd entertaining the hockey fans with super bright LED perimeter, providing a unique experience by giving them more entertaining and visually interesting experience whether it is a content of game performance or a sponsor highlighting advertisement.

This unique project is not completed yet as multi sided media cube is still to be installed soon as the technological advancements are very important to improve the atmosphere Arena Riga and make sure they are definitely the first rate.

All equipment can be successfully used not only for sports events but as well for concerts, shows, TV shootings, other cultural events taking place at Arena Riga.