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Outdoor Screen for the Biggest Gambling and Entertainment Club Chain of Latvia

A new cooperation has started in Latvia with biggest gambling and entertainment club chain Klondaika. The 6 mm high resolution LED screen with rear maintanance has been manufactured, installed and mounted at the Klondaika club’s building wall in Tukums, a town in Latvia and is operating as a platform for club’s own advertising content like upcoming events and special offers. The screen is located in the very centre of the town, just before the roundabout, where cars are forced to slow down or event to stop completely for a moment and pedestrians can also slowly view the ads by approaching towards the screen.

Klondaika club is happy to start cooperation with PALAMI, as we provide premium quality and regular maintenance as well life long technical support. They consider that the new full motion display gives an opportunity to strengthen their own brand with the most modern LED technologies and helps to attract new customers.