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A New LED SMD Screen on the Main Street of Riga, Latvia

A new LED SMD screen with continuous operation has been just mounted on a building wall on Brīvības street in Riga, Latvia. The street has endless traffic day and night, reaching approximately 83 000 views every day. This is the second screen in cooperation with Visual Media Group - one of the largest outdoor advertising agencies of Latvia, who is very satisfied with the price and quality and service combination provided by PALAMI.

The screen is clearly visible from a large distance as it is in a large size and has 16 mm pixel pitch. As the product name already suggests, PALAMI-FRONT has front maintenance and maximum brightness not less than 6500 nits, giving a superior video quality and best resolution for the advertising content.

PALAMI worked alongside its client, Visual Media Group, from the project start up to the finish, providing the unique solution in line with their needs and possibilities. PALAMI team is very happy with the new screen in Riga centre, that will make the cityscape much brighter and more dynamic!