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Centerhung Display System

Centerhung Display System in sport arenas is the central entertainment equipment. This central device broadcasts results, video, photo advertising, game repeats or live performance and is the heart of the whole sport arena. Therefore we offer extremely easy to control and durable centerhung display systems to our customers. Products are made exclusively of a high quality fully-recyclable materials, adhering to strict quality policy and we make sure that our products are power-saving. Centerhung display system for sport events will outbid your expectations by its high resolution displays, making a broadcast of an event highly enjoyable experience.

PALAMI Centerhung Display System can be made of any PALAMI displays like PALAMI-SlimFIXED or PALAMI-FRONT. If the Centerhung Display System has rounded edges, it can be made of PALAMI-FLEX

Running Line (Under and Above the Centerhung Display System)

The running line under and above the centerhung display system can be a great addition to the central device broadcasting any video or text information. It can be made of PALAMI-FLEX or PALAMI-FlexiSTRIP products. 

Implemented Projects with Centerhung Display System

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