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PALAMI introduces the next breakthrough in LED displays – PALAMI MediaWINDOW, the industry’s new visual standard in outdoor LED technology.

PALAMI MediaWINDOW is based on the integration of small LEDs between two panels of a double-glazed window. Together they combine into one integrated solution. This screen can display HD videos, HD images, live broadcasting and other media content. What is more, it can also be as a building lighting option. Solution doesn`t change the architectural conception. Therefore, it could be integrated into all kind of buildings (existing ones and under construction ones).

PALAMI MediaWINDOW is like a standard facade glazing unit, only turning the building into a massive display at night.

This technical innovation allows to cover unlimited size of facades. The solution is almost invisible from inside the building, makes no noise and is highly resistant to various weather conditions.

PALAMI MediaWINDOW is not only water resistant, but it can also be used safely at heavy weather conditions. Ingress protection and temperatures depends on double glazed window parameters.

The product automatically changes the brightness of image depending on weather conditions, therefore this supreme quality product is made of exclusively environmentally – friendly and fully recyclable materials is a reliably long – term investment.

PALAMI can offer MediaWINDOW with glass which is:

  • UV protected
  • double/triple glazed
  • different structural glazed
  • with different shapes
  • tempered
  • tinted
  • laminated
  • fire-resistant
  • sound-insulating
  • decorative.

We will help you to choose the most suitable for you type of glass.  We can also make MediaWINDOW on your own glass.


          • No additional construction on the building
          • Evening and night time visibility
          • Transparency up to 99%
          • Low insulation and service costs
          • Low energy consumption
          • Solution does not change the architectural conception
          • Replacing standard windows
          • Free of any noise emission
          • Easy to clean
          • Easy to maintain, assemble and install
          • Low power consumption

Technical specification

  Parameter for PALAMI-MediaWINDOW-X 20 40 60 80 100 120 160 200
Physical pixel pitch, vertical/horizontal, mm 20 /20  40 / 40  60 / 60  80 / 80  100 /100  120 / 120 160 / 160 200/ 200 
Pixel configuration 1(RGB)
Transparency >90 % >97%  >98%  >99%
Brightness, Cd/m2, not less than 7400 1850 820 460 300 200 120 75
Color depth, millions, more than 16,7
Viewing angle horizontal/vertical 120º / 120º
Electric power supply AC100~240V(50-60Hz)
Maximum power consumption, kW/m2 0.57  0.14  0.064  0.036  0.023  0.009  0.006 
Average operational power consumption, kW/m2 0.288  0.056  0.0256  0.0144  0.0092  0.0036  0.0024 
Ingress protection Like glass package 
Lifetime, not less than (hours) 80 000

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PALAMI-MediaWINDOW in implemented projects

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