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LED Poster


PALAMI POSTER is a lightweight screen with low level of wind shear, which allows to create LED banners between street lighting poles for day and night time operations. It is an innovative PALAMI product, on which all types of advertising messages can be broadcasted – advertising clips with computer graphics, animation and video, text information and advertising massages with different effects. What is more, to make the impact of message as strong as possible, PALAMI POSTER is available double sided as well.


  • Visible in day light
  • Light weight, allows install banners between standard lighting poles
  • Segmented construction allows to create banners of different length
  • High level protection IP65
  • No noise
  • Low level of wind shear

Technical details

PALAMI-LED-Poster-37.5    PALAMI-LED-DoublePoster-37.5 
single-sided double-sided
Physical pixel pitch, (mm) 37.5
Pixel configuration  1R 1G 1B
Pixel density, dots/sq. m 711
Brightness, not less then, (Cd/sq. m) 2,750
Color depth, millions, more than 16,7
Cabinet display area, mm 900(h) x 1,200 2 x 900(h) x 1,200
Viewing angle horizontal, vertical 120º / 70º
Average power consumption per 1 sq. m, (kW) 0.20


Maximum power consumption per 1 sq. m, (kW) 0.40 0.80
Lifetime, hours, not less than  80 000
Ingress protection IP67

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Implemented Projects with PALAMI-LED-Poster

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